Josh Tan

Societal Computing PhD student
Institute for Software Research
Carnegie Mellon University

Advised by: Lorrie Faith Cranor, Lujo Bauer



(Do not) Track me sometimes: Users' contextual preferences for web tracking.
W. Melicher, M. Sharif, J. Tan, L. Bauer, M. Christodorescu, and P. Leon. PETS 2016.

The effect of developer-specified explanations for permission requests on smartphone user behavior.
J. Tan, K. Nguyen, M. Theodorides, H. Negrón-Arroyo, C. Thompson, S. Egelman, and D. Wagner. CHI 2014.


A framework for comparative usability studies on secure device pairing.
A. Channarasappa, P. Ramakrishnan, J. Tan, and J. Thomas. SOUPS 2015.